seraphim proudleduck sErApHiM
puce ps2
puce xbox
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pose de puce xbox, pose de puce ps2, gamecube,pstwo Console De Jeux
SeraPhim ProuDleDuck by Xavfun
achat drone
mangeur de cigogne
Ornithorynque Polyglotte


and my friend Proudleduck

Seraphim ? What does it mean ?

seraphim proudleduck

Seraphim looks like an angel, but I think this guy is a demon...

Mr Seraphim is a curious man, he like sold modchip inside Xbox and modchip insdide ps2 and pstwo... All the day, Mr Seraphim sold modchip and update all website.

Maybe you have heard something about Mr Seraphim but you don't know his name...

The nikname of Mr Seraphim is Xavbox, do you know it ?
Mr Seraphim don't love only games, il love sexy massage... but don't tell this to his wife !

Seraphim and Proudleduck are the best friends of the world, do you believe on this ?

dont hesitate to write a funny tricks on the guestbook of




seraphim proudleduck

Who is
Seraphim Proudleduck ?


seraphim fun proudleduck fun
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