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SeraPhim ProuDleDuck by Xavfun
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and my friend Seraphim

Proudleduck ? What does it mean ?

proudleduck or seraphim

Do you think, Proudleduck becoming from "to proud" and "duck" ? Ah ah ah...
No, it's just a joke !

Proudleduck was born on 1969, good years to become a Seraphim...
Here few important points of the life of Mr PROUDLEDUCK :

  • 1979 : Mr Proudleduck has a bicycle for Christmass, and it's also a great pleasure for his friend Seraphim
  • 1982 : Mr Proudleduck father buy a dog for Mr Proudleduck Junior, the dog is very funny and they play together, all the days (but not the night because Proudleduck mother don't want !)
  • 1985 : Mr Proudleduck grand father go the the USA to find a beter life, Mr Proudleduck Junior was very very happy (he don't like Papy Proudleduck)
  • 1990 : Mr Proudleduck fall in love with computer and hacking...
  • 1995 : Mr Proudleduck realise website and look possibilitys for computer and girls....
  • 2000 : Mr Proudleduck is the best SEOMAKER on Google ;-)
  • 2004 : Mr Proudleduck is ther best world champion of Ornithorynque Polyglotte
  • December, 31 Th, 2004 : Mr Proudleduck want to be the best


  • And for Valentine Day, Mr Proudleduck want to be a beter LUMITRA on

Do you want to help me ? Please Link me as soon as possible ;-)



seraphim proudleduck

Who is
Seraphim Proudleduck ?


seraphim fun proudleduck fun
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